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Moscow military conservatory is the unique military - educational Institution, preparing skilled conductors - leaders of military orchestras, ensembles songs and dancings, commanders of military divisions...

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Moscow military conservatory is the state educational establishment of the high professional education. According to the license, it realises military education programs of the high professional, university graduated professional and additional trainings.
Training at Moscow military conservatory is free-of-charge. Cadets are provided with free hostle, food, regimentals and salary. For the most gifted and perfectly advanced cadets nominal grants are appointed.

Military conservatory presents an independent pipe orchestra on each course. Course orchestras participated in numerous Russian, and international competitions and festivals, often visitors on TV and radio.

Many graduates of conservatory are marked by honorary awards peoples and honored artists awards and the state awards. The orchestras and ensembles conducted by them got wide concert-educational work in our country and abroad.

The management of the Military conservatory pays constant attention to satisfy the household requirements of the staff, considering improvement of life as one of the major conditions of maintenance of qualitative study of cadets. The existing material and educational base links to requirements on maintenance of educational process, it includes: technical laboratory ,reading room, library, computer and video classes, sports complex, club, audiences for maintenance of educational occupation and independent work of cadets.

For graduates of the Military conservatory who achieved the high results in studies, can continue the postgraduate study, which purpose is preparation of the scientific and pedagogical staff.

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